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Anavar 10

An excellent and popular anabolic steroid is Oxandrolone. It is very friendly in regard to how well it works and the low risk of side effects that comes with it. This is one of the few anabolic steroids that is user friendly for women too. It is also very effective for men, so it is used by people all over the world. Many believe Oxandrolone is also taken for granted as it should have more appreciation for it. Sadly, it often gets a bad reputation for being a poor product. That stems from the volume of counterfeit products out there sold.

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Oxandrolone was introduced in the 1960s and sold under the name of Anavar. While there were many therapeutic uses for it, this was discontinued in the early 1990s. This was due to the pressure the FDA was putting on the umbrella of compounds known as steroids. The product wasn’t heard from again until it was introduced in 1995. However, this also resulted in a high demand and very high prices for Oxandrolone. Even though process have dropped, it is still one of the most expensive steroids out there.


Oxandrolone is the DHT hormone but it has the additional oxygen atom in the carbon #2 and the A Ring positions. This is an alternation that causes Oxandrolone to be highly anabolic and it also prevents the metabolism from breaking down. There is another alteration, which is the #17 carbon being added at the methyl group. As a result of these changes, Oxandrolone can be taken orally without the liver destroying it.


While the therapeutic uses of it aren’t as common as they once were, and even non-existent in many places, they warrant being mentioned here. Some of these benefits include:

  • Cancer
  • Hepatitis
  • HIV
  • Increasing bone density
  • Infections after surgery
  • Prolonged exposure to corticosteroids
  • Weight gain for those suffering from a health ailment

There is no question that Oxandrolone is valued by those athletes interested in their performance enhancement goals. It is a mild steroid, so it is often one that beginners will try to see how well they do with such compounds. The anabolic rating is three times what you get with testosterone. Add to the mix that it is also low in androgenic elements, they know this is a remarkable product for them to use.

Some of the wonderful benefits offered with Oxandrolone for them include:

  • Cardiovascular enhancement
  • Higher endurance
  • Increased nitrogen retention
  • Increases red blood cells
  • Promote muscle mass
  • Reduced SHBG Glucocorticoid hormones
  • Reduces body fat

Oxandrolone is often referred to as a fat burning anabolic steroid. While all anabolic steroids rev up the metabolism, the amount they do so can vary. This compound will promote more Lipolysis. This happens when:

  • Binds to the androgen receptor
  • Increases thyroxine binding prealbumin
  • Reduces thyroid binding globulin

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